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Why do I seek this number 12?  

Perhaps it tells a story , an ancient story of old?  

When I read The Secret a treasure hunt, the story of the fair people and their passage from old to new, it reminds me of a much older story that is told. The story makes me think of a religious one, one that tells the exodus of 12 tribes and there pursuit to find a better place.


12 puzzles and 12 gemstones.  We know we have months, gems, flowers and time attached to these puzzles and that might just be all there is to it…..but after looking at why we have the number 12 attached to our gemstones, flowers and months, there seems to be an accent story told.    Specific sections in the book, Litany of the Jewels describes 12 tribes and their treasure gems.  This seems to fit the narrative of the 12 tribes of Israel.  It is believed that the gems stones attached to the 12 months of the year are derived from the priestly breast plate of Aaron.  Each tribe was given a stone to represent them.   Below are how the images in the book (The Secret) and the 12 tribes of Israel connect.  This might explain the interesting choice of objects into the images as clues and as connection to the 12 tribes. This might also suggest that the treasure grounds have something in common with the tribe that is link to each city, as connected below.   This is a two-part document, with Tribe to image and Verse to Tribe. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twelve_Tribes_of_Israel 

  Tribe to Image  

1.  Rueben = New York

Rueben in Hebrew can translate to “sight”

 The sight of the Statue of Liberty was the first thing most immigrants saw as they entered NY, it was a sight of Freedom and an opportunity for a new life.   In the image, a woman floats with open arms and a face that resembles Lady Liberty.  A note to the area by the Stature of Liberty: The tribes of Reuben and Gad requested that they be given land in the territory east of Jordan, because it was suitable for their needs as livestock grazers. In exchange for their promise to help with the conquest of the land west of the Jordan, Moses accepted their request and granted to them and half of Manasseh land east of the Jordan  As mentioned in the paragraph above, Reuben needed land for their livestock to graze.  Governors Island was a place where dairy farmers produced milk and transported it to Brooklyn via the channel between Governors Island and Brooklyn.  This channel is called Buttermilk Channel, represented in the panels above and the woman in the image.  The colors of the panels are of cream colored, (butter) and the woman’s dress is white like milk, which gives the word, Buttermilk. This rebus tells us the channel’s name.   Coat of Arms for Rueben The coat depicts waves or river (channel) In the image shows waves.       

2.  Simeon = Chicago

 Simeon in the Hebrew Bible means “Harkening or Listen” In the Chicago image the gem is attached to the Brownies ear, ear connects to “Harkening or Listen”.  The casque area near the rail line to hear the sounds. The Coat of Arms for Simeon a Castle


 A Castle, in the Chicago image a Castle sits on the Brownies head.   



3.  Levi = Montreal  

In Hebrew Levi had the meaning of “joined, attached” 

 The Levi tribe formed the priestly class of Israelites, in the Image the man is depicted in a position of someone who holds their hands in prayer.   Paul Chomedey de Maisonneuve who founded Montreal, erected a giant cross on top of Mount Royal to fulfill his vow to the Virgin Mary.     The Coat of Arms for Levi  The Coat of Arms or symbol for Levi represents the priestly breastplate.  There are squares on the collar and shirt cuffs.             

4.  Judah = Charleston 

In Hebrew Judah has the meaning of “praise” 

 In the image there is a large lion, this could be a connection to the word praise, to honor, hail, overpraise, pride or to Lionize.    The Tribe of Judah talks about King David and the conquest of Canaan, Conquest (War) for Charleston there is a history of war and of slavery, the Israelites where people of slavery.  The Coat of arms for Judah is a lion.  In the image of Charleston, we have a Lion (King)   The Coat of Arms for Judah The coat appears to have a lion on it. 


5.  Dan = San Francisco 

 Dan in Hebrew has the meaning of Judge. San Francisco is home to Alcatraz one of the historical prisons in the West.  The image has a barred window set in a rock, suggesting Jail (Alcatraz) to have been Judged.   The Coat of Arms for Dan is a serpent.    The image shows us a Dragon/serpent.  Dragons are associated with water.   

6.  Naphtali = Roanoke 

 In Hebrew Naphtali has the meaning of “struggle”. The Naphtali Tribe was exiled and eventually disappeared. Roanoke Island was a scene of struggle, the first colonist struggled with supplies and forced to survive until the supply shipment came, which was many years later and the colonist had vanished. In the image it depicts a suit of armor in traction, this show’s that having a restraint would be a struggle to use if in battle.   The Coat of Arms for Naphtali In the image the knight has horns, the Coat depicts an animal with horns.         

7.  Gad = Houston

In Hebrew, the meaning of Glad is “soldier or luck”

 In the image there is a Jinn or Genie, they are associated with granting wishes, above there is a star, combined you have wish/star = luck, soldiers typically form columns.   Coat of Arms for Gad  The Coat depicts pyramids or tents, the image projects an Egyptian theme with the Jinn, obelisk and dunes.   


8.  Asher = Milwaukee

 Asher in Hebrew mean “Happy one” In the image for Milwaukee the woman appears to be juggling, (or jester, happy)     Coat of Arms for Asher A tree is depicted in the Coat, within the cape there appears to be a trunk of a tree.            

9.  Issachar = St Augustine 

In Hebrew Issachar has the meaning of “reward”

 Ponce de León was rewarded and knighted by King Ferdinand, who also reinstated him as the governor of Puerto Rico and authorized him to settle Florida.   In the image there is a conquistador with his head down a position when being knighted, the conquistador is on a horse or a type of pony the solders used in battle.   Coat of Arms for Issachar  On the coat there is a donkey with the sun and moon, in the image the conquistador is on a horse or donkey. 


10.  Zebulun = Boston

In Hebrew Zebulun has the meaning of “dwelling or home”

 In the image depicted in the box that the woman is holding there is a castle, which is considered a dwelling or home.    Coat of Arms for Zebulun The Coat shows a ship, Boston is home to one of the most famous ships in US history.  The fairy seems to have a sailors dress on.      

11.  Manasseh = Cleveland 

 Or the Tribe of Joseph, it is made up of two tribes Ephraim and Manasseh.  Referred to as two halves of Joseph.  In the Cleveland image it depicts a Centaur, which consists of two halves’ upper and lower bodies.  The Casque was found on the backside of a wall, the wall has two sides front and back. The Coat of Arms for Manasseh A unicorn or mystical beast.  In the image for Cleveland is a Centaur, mystical beast.             

12.  Benjamin = New Orleans

 In Hebrew Benjamin means "son of my right [hand]" The image for New Orleans depicts a hand.   The Coat of Arms for Benjamin A wolf or canine appears in the Coat of arms  In the image the hand is represented as a Rougarou (Werewolf), claws, hair and with moon above. The Rougarou is a legendary creature in French communities.  Also, to the right of the clock is a wolf head.    

Tribe to Verse

 This document is the correlation between Tribe and how it relates to the verse.  There are key words (in red) that are associated to the meaning of the Tribe.  Highlighted are the connections to verse and Coat of Arms.  

1.  Rueben = NY

 Verse tie to Rueben Rueben = sight 

Coat of Arms = wave/river  Image ,water and wave

Verse “Look down” “Or gaze north” There are two lines in this verse that use sight.    

2.  Simeon = Chicago

 Verse tie to Simeon Simeon = listen  

Coat of Arms = Castle 

Verse “Seek the sounds” “Hush” “Brush and music”   

“Where M and B are set in stone”

 The words “sounds, hush, music” can be associated to the word listen. The word “stone” this material was used to build castles.  

3.  Levi = Montreal

 Verse tie to Levi  

Levi = Joined/attached

 Coat of Arms = 12 squares together 

Verse “Together saved the site” “At twelve paces”  

4. Judah = Charleston 

 Verse tie to Judah  

Judah = praise, honor, hail

 Coat of Arms = Lion 

Verse = Edwin and Edwin named after him” To name a person after someone is a form of praise or honor.   

5.  Dan = San Francisco 

 Verse tie to Dan Dan = Judge

 Coat of Arms = Serpent 

Verse “Education and Justice”    

6. Naphtali = Roanoke

 Verse tie to Naphtali Naphtali = Struggle 

Coat of Arms = animal with horns (Deer) 

Verse “By dauntless and inconquerable”        

7.  Gad = Houston

 Verse tie to Gad Gad = Solider/Luck 

 Coat of Arms = Pyramid/Structures  

Verse “Our strongest tower of delight”   

8.  Asher = Milwaukee

 Verse tie to Asher  

Asher = Happy one

 Coat of Arms = Tree 

Verse “Of wonderstones hearth” “To the first young birch”   

9.  Issachar = St. Augustine

 Verse tie to Issachar Issachar = Reward 

Coat of Arms = Donkey, sun, moon  

 Verse “Shell, limestone, silver, salt” “Stars move by day” “Sails pass by night”     

10.  Zebulun = Boston

 Verse tie to Zebulun  

Zebulun = Dwelling/Home

 Coat of Arms = Ship/Boat 

Verse “Feel at home” “Face the water”   

11.  Manasseh = Cleveland

 Verse tie to Manasseh Manasseh = two half’s 

Coat of Arms = Unicorn/mystical beast 

Verse “Beneath two countries” “Free speech, couplet, birch” (key word couplet)    

12.  Benjamin = New Orleans

 Verse tie to Benjamin  Benjamin = Hand of

 Coat of Arms Canine/wolf  

Verse “Here is a sovereign people” “Who build palaces to shelter”


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