26 Feb

Let me show you what I see.....

Find the start of the verse....

In the image on the gal's forehead is what appears to be the outline of the Presidio in San Francisco.  The Presidio is Iconic to San Francisco. The outline is very distinct and gives you a reference point.

The Presidio is basically the forehead of San Francisco, once you cross the Golden Gate Bridge you enter the top of San Francisco.

I find the use of the forehead to show the Presidio as a true location.

Let's take a look at the word forehead.

Forehead:  A part of the face above the eye brows.  

Key word: part.

Forehead:  The front or forepart of something

Synonyms:  Façade, Face, forepart or front

I think there is a rebus included with the head area, If the forehead is the outline of the Presidio (land) and that is part of the head you could say

Head + Land = Headland, which The Marin Headland is outlined with the gals left arm, thus giving you a clue to a landmark.


Now let's take a look at the verse:

"At stone wall's door"

Door(s) are associated with fronts of buildings and or entry ways.  The clue with the part of the hair and the forehead lead to the entry way to San Francisco (the front door of the city) also the word front (Façade) is a clue to the front of a building.  It seems like fairy clues come in two. 

The front façade of the Maritime Museum is made out of stone (Green Vermont Slate) the stone is placed on the left wall and right wall and wraps around the door..."At stone wall's door"  This is a true stone wall and door.

The air vent above the entry way is a possible match to the right wing of the dragon.  

This is a map 1980, of San Francisco and interestingly it shows the word "At" in the description of the Museum.  Is this just a coincidence with the use of the word "At" and the front of the Museum with a stone wall and door?  

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