13 Apr

We all have had the moment when we are forced to admit we are Kookoo, crazy, strange and weird.  That day came while probing a spot in the city.  I was in an area below a flight of steps, I was covered in dirt (probably looked homeless)  unkept hair and a look in my eyes like I was about to unearth a secret....as I stood with my back to the stairs pushing down on the probe I hear "whatcha ya doing"? 

A woman and her husband standing looking at me with a puzzled look, at this point this is where you say to yourself, I have to admit I am crazy and make up some story why I am here and what I am doing.  I didn't want to fight that thought and have to make up some story, so I just told these people the truth and why I was there.  At this point after I told these complete strangers, I thought Oh great now here it comes...

The woman looks at me and said..."what a great adventure you are on, OMG I am a teacher and my class loves puzzles"  

After hearing what she said, and not calling the police I realized that maybe I wasn't crazy after all and that a random encounter added another key searcher or many key searchers!  I gave her the information on where to find the book and wished her and her class good luck !  

Even know I didn't find a casque that day, I found that I wasn't as crazy as I thought (at least for that day) HA!

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