26 Aug

Let's go back in time for a moment, 1981.  Arcade video games, Neon pink, Jean Jackets, Rocker T's Big Hair, Top song 100 billboard Let's get physical      (Olivia Newton John) Top Movie Dark Crystal.  Fantasy was in high gear stretching our imagination, bringing us to new worlds and old. 

   Sweeping the universe a game called D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) a role playing game that put the player as story teller to create an interactive adventure.  Before the internet, dice, paper, pen, imagery and the imaginations of young adults were the tools needed to enter the world of fantasy gaming. 

  In 1982 a little fantasy puzzle book hit the book stores with hope of inviting it's users to solve 12 puzzles with a verse and  painting.  The tile of the book was called The Secret a Treasure Hunt.  This is a whimsical story about Fair Folk (Fairy's) and their buried treasure.  You the read are to figurer out where these little ornery wee creature stashed their priceless gems by unlocking the verse and painting to reveal a city and location of a ceramic box and key.  Once a reader locates and uncovers the box (casque)  with a key inside, they are to receive the Fair Folk treasure, a gem stone.  

  Fast forward 39 years later.....

Only 3 boxes have been found, Chicago being the first (1983) followed by Cleveland ( 2004) and Boston (2019) 9 treasure boxes remain unsolved.

Join me on my way through this wonderful but madding puzzle!

Note:  You can purchase the book on Amazon (The Secret A Treasure Hunt, by Byron Preiss) or click on the link below to gain insight to the treasure and the story.

The Secret by Byron Preiss - The Secret A Treasure Hunt

or a resource for all information about the puzzle.   (12treasures.com) 

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