03 Nov

With the sight of color light, we glean.  Too see the color in one's eye, we have to look at the definition.  The part of the eye that is colored is called the Iris.   Eye color is inherited or influenced by more than one gene.  We see in the first image or the June image linked to San Francisco, a woman with blue eyes.  We know that within these images are hints, clues to cities, culture and landmarks.  Blue eyes, why are they blue?  Maybe the answer to the questions is influenced by something very specific to San Francisco.  Perhaps blues eyes are a clue for water? Or maybe they are blue for another reason.  We know genetics plays a role in the color, (gene) we see the color (blue) in the eyes of the woman, perhaps if we link the two, blue and gene, we get the word play Blue Gene (Jean).  San Francisco is home the most popular Blue Jean in the world.   Levi Strauss, his name is synonymous with a piece of clothing that will cement his legacy in the textile industry.  This is so important to San Francisco's history and the wealth that was accumulated from merchants (Merch) selling supplies to the 49ers that filled the gold fields.  

Is there more too this connective tissue?  Maybe?  Let's go back to the word Iris, and the etymology of the word meaning rainbow.   In Greek mythology Iris is the messenger of the gods.  A message or symbol that is ingrained into San Francisco's gay community, the rainbow, the symbol for the LGTB movement.  You can see this symbol from the Marin Headlands as you head north.  Painted in 1969 by a retiring Cal-trans employee.  

Another layer to the rainbow?

The pearl shares something in common with the rainbow, it's iridescence (etymology) derived from the word iris, we can make the connection between the eye, the pearl and now the city. 

 Makes you think what else is part of the connective tissue within this puzzle...

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