22 Jul

San Francisco, Ca

  Being a native of the City by the bay has allowed me to us my experience and knowledge of the Fog City.  There is so much history that is ingrained into the land and streets of San Francisco, dreams and despair lie ahead for those who temp their fate.  From the early discovery of the San Francisco bay to the Gold Rush that formed the peaking towers above the grey cold mist.  This city invites you to play amongst it's steep hills open green spaces and to experience it's diverse ethnic population.  This is a perfect city to uncover a treasure! 

 Below the blanket of fog lies a treasure.  This is the one I seek.  

  I am on a quest to find the meaning of The Secret.  The city holds many secrets, but there is one that has my attention.  In the book image 1 is paired to verse 7.  These two are speculated to be the location of San Francisco, Ca casque.  Pair one verse with one painting...

And so it begins.....

At stone wall’s door
The air smells sweet
Not far away
High posts are three
Education and Justice
For all to see
Sounds from the sky
Near ace is high
Running north, but first across
In jewel’s direction
Is an object
Of Twain’s attention
Giant pole
Giant step
To the place
The casque is kept.

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