21 Apr

3 places in time that change our movements, our thinking and our actions.  The Secret has made us use these 3 moments in time, coming together for a wild ride into a bazaar but mostly enjoyable journey.  

The Past, looking back to when I first started this puzzle and navigating through the maze of information, finding people that share the same thought process is a treasure in it's self.  Ideas, thoughts and the willingness to share brought something unexpected, a collaboration between people that could express themselves and acceptance of ideas and how to work through them.  

I recently meet up with a friend that was formed from my early days of the hunt.   We both got a chance to walk in areas we have been talking about through the years.  We shared ideas with BOTG and talked about all that was happening with in the community and our ideas how they fit in with the treasure we seek.  This is the essence in which the past brings us to the present.

The Present, as ideas are formed they tend to fall into two categories. Progression or digression.   The hunt seems to be heading in a way of progression with new theories and creative ideas which is opening up a new thought process which is leading us on a new path of enlightenment.  As we uncover the Secret secret's we are forming an exciting new journey .

The Future, as we look forward to ideas being crafted, molded and formed we are gleaning a better understanding of how this and us all work within this fantasy of a puzzle.  Connections between hunters, friendships, ideas and community will advance our outlook and bring progress to our feet.  

If we only had a time machine to bring all 3 together we could answer all questions, but we don't.  What we have is our imagination, friends and a puzzle.

The hunt continues...


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