22 Oct

This part of the image gives us some insight into a very specific symbol in the first image we see in the Secret.  The Yin and Yang symbol plays a multipurpose function with in the image we see.  Let's break this down and how it relates to the course we take to the treasure grounds.

Yin and Yang are a concept of Taoism, Tao meaning road or path.  Above the symbol is a hand and finger pointing, giving us a direction to look or to associate a movement downward.  On the opposite side we see the other hand and finger pointing to a direction with an angle and horizontal direction.  Can this be a clue to a path to take?  Let's explore!

  We know that dualism is a basic concept of the symbol and meaning, though this concept is one of many teachings from Taoism.  

The image shows us the symbol in close proximity to the finger, this might be too show a path or give the impression of a direction towards.  

If the meaning associated to Tao is road or path, and we look for this in a city landscape, there are two roads that mimic the fingers in the image.  The right finger (Columbus) the left finger (Marina Blvd). 

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