20 May

When I found out about the Secret I was immediately hooked!  A tv show that aired an episode about the Secret and the back story of the hunt was my introduction to the puzzle.  I scrambled to find the book online, found it, click and purchased!  I was so excited to get my hands on the book and start the trip!  Well.....

  When I received the book, which could not have come soon enough, I opened it and started to read and scan through the images.  What a disappointment it was when I finally got to the image part of the book.  Though you can tell these are absolutely incredible paintings by an outstanding artist, the images in the book just didn't cut it.  Very little detail almost not usable to the eye.  This I come to find out was a reproduction of the original book with very poor images.  I was SOOO bummed out.  

  Not to fear the internet is here!!

I did a search (like everyone that buys this book) to find anything I could that might lead to more information about these paintings.  Turns out a few websites formed around the hunt that existed.  I was stoked to find people hunting and talking about the puzzle.  

This is where I took the red pill, and down the rabbit hole I went!

Weeding my way through the online forums picking up tips, information, squabbles with users and was so bold to start conversations with the upmost confidence in thinking I had found a new lead and stated it as fact.....well that kicked me in that ass pretty hard!  

You see, when you think you have found something that will unlock the secret and lead you to a solve is wishful thinking until you have the casque in hand you didn't solve JACK!  

I made my posts and thought I had it all figured out, my plan my solution, my contribution, fell apart once I got BOTG and dug a hole....

That's when it didn't go as planned.

So you see so far, the book, the hole, the route to the treasure was not as it seemed.  

Back to the drawing board ( like 50 more times)  HA! 

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