25 Feb

So you think you have solved one of the puzzles right?  Not so fast!  The biggest problem to this puzzle is that people come up with great ideas, bad ideas and mix the two together to create a "solve"  There is a big difference between a theory and an actual solve.  Of course having solved one of these puzzles will demand proof of the casque or key.  People use the word solve without any physical proof that they have the correct combination to the puzzle.

When I first started this trip, I too thought I had a "solve" and after I worked out my plan, dug a hole (with permission) that I was most sure that the casque was at, I quickly realized that I didn't have SHIT!  What I did have was an empty hole.  So my solve turned into a theory at the end of the day and my theory turned into a lot of dirt with no glory.  The best lesson about that experience is that after I dug the hole, filled it back in I walked away with a better understanding of what it takes to be successful.  Regardless of the outcome if you have a key it's a SOLVE if you don't have a key it's a THEORY.  

  Empty holes have a lot of information in them, mostly where you went wrong.  So, back to the drawing board as they say!   

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