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Follow the Gold image
Follow the Gold to the treasure…

What brought the migration wave to San Francisco was the Gold Rush of 1849. As per the immigration group for image 1, “far from Cathay” the Chinese migrated to San Francisco in search of a better life and prosperity.

They followed the gold to northern California. There are some very telling clues with the color gold in the image. Let’s start with the Yin and Yang symbol, the key to follow.
The colors used are black and gold, typically the Yin and Yang symbol is two opposite colors black and white, but in this case, gold was used instead of the consistent white color typically seen associated with the symbol. The symbol in the image shows Black over Gold, as it would represent North over South and true to its direction.

Attributes of Yin                             Attributes of Yang
Dark (Black)                                    Light (Gold)        
North                                                 South
Water                                                Fire

Using the colors of the Yin and Yang and their representations, a pattern emerges.
Objects in the image that are black will represent north, objects in the image that are gold will represent south, in direction. The key factor or the indicator that this is true is related to how we see the objects as they relate to real locations and direction.
These clues associated to the color Black
Example: Yin (Dark/North)
Black: The woman’s hair is black with 37 & 38 (northern coordinates) and the Presidio out line in her forehead, which is north.

Black: Her right arm could be the outline of the Marin Headlands (north) her left arm could be an outline of Angle Island (north) both north of San Francisco.

Black: The wall behind the woman could be a northern wall, i.e., Aquatic Cove, Maritime Museum, sea wall etc...

Black: and blue that are present in the dragon’s body, could represent stone and north.

Black: The pedestal under the table, could possibly be a cable car, from the verse “Running north” cable cars “run” and the two lines that run north/south are Powell/Hyde and Powell/Mason. There are 3 turn tables for the cable cars, Hyde Street, Taylor Street and Market Street. If the line “Running north” is associated with the cable car route, then the Market Street turnabout will be where the cable car starts it’s run north. The object (Cable Car) is all black and would represent a north direction.

Gold:  The symbol at the bottom of the dress could represent the turnabout, which is south.  This would be the Market Street turnaround and would set the position for “Running north” and is true to the direction of the clue and color.

These clues are associated with the color Gold
Example: Yang (Gold/South) 
Gold: G h (Ghirardelli sign) in the image, the letters are backwards, point of view would be south. This is how you would see the letters standing from the south side of Ghirardelli.
If the line “The air smells sweet” is associated to the Ghirardelli sign it would be the second line in the verse moving down as we read it. So, the movement would be south physically and as we read the verse from top to bottom.

Gold: The collar of the women’s dress is gold, it runs across from the h to the G or the G to the h, as we read down the verse “Running north, but first across” the street GREENWICH (also G h) which crosses Columbus Street, is an intersection of the Powell Mason cable car route. The track curves from Mason across Greenwich Street onto Columbus. Again, moving south and staying in line with how the verse reads.
Gold: The numbers 1 2 2 below the G (south) are part of the longitude coordinate of San Francisco, both latitude and longitude can be found on a geo marker south of Ghirardelli Square (sign). The numbers are also in roman numeral, which are present across from the geo marker, again keeping with the movement south, roman numbers and coordinates.

Gold:  Square with a W inside (right side of the dress) below the A.  The geo marker is a square block with the coordinates of San Francisco 37 N, 1 22 W carved into the stone block.  Moving down the verse, “In jewel’s direction” could tie into this geo marker giving a direction.  This marker is found south of the G & h.

Gold: The symbol of the three circles (Trinity)? Or church, St Peter and Paul Roman Catholic church (with two roman numeral clocks and 3 circles) are across from the geo marker, in the image the three circles are across from the square with the W.  The church is south of the G & h.

Gold: The two triangles at the bottom left of the dress, triangle pointing up could symbolize fire, triangle pointing down could symbolize water. Across from the geo marker and church is the Fireman’s monument (Coit) and south of the monument is a small pond, water.  Both these landmarks are south of the G & h.  The monument is north of the pond and lines up with how we see the triangles and their position.

Gold: The X on the left side of the dress could represent the word “mark” Twain is in the verse, telling us Mark Twain?
The pattern emerges as the gold symbols relate to Yang (south) and corresponds with the verse as you read it from top to bottom.

Gold: The dragon is outline in gold and wraps around the curve areas as to hold it in place, the last line of the verse uses the word “kept” in this case the gold surrounds the dragon keeping it in place.  The line “To the place” could be south and why we see it surround in gold.

Gold: The clock, gives us 12 and 6, a north and south position with the hands, the image gives us 6 o’clock which the 6th month for this puzzle, 6 is south of the 12.  
The pattern that emerges, is that the color is true to a direction and the objects are true to the color. This ties in the concept of Yin and Yang. Could this be a “key” to unlocking this image and verse?
If so, follow the Gold and you find the treasure grounds!
The theory below gives a full walk through, showing the path to the possible treasure grounds